Eugen Semitjov was a world-class science reporter. He has visited hundreds of research centers around the world, been in places where sensations have taken place. He is well-known from both press and television. He has been awarded the GREAT JOURNALIST PRIZE for brilliant popular science journalism.

The books of Eugen Semitjov were always written in the traveling journalist’s easy language, but always with a never failing acuity. The feelings in the adventure-books of the fifties is added to his books and gives them a very special touch. With his Russian name and native background he was equally welcomed at Russian spaceports as in the American ones. He could interview astronauts as well as cosmonauts and many other professionals, his sources were always first hand. Eugen has been writing about many different areas, but his fascination for space and rockets was something he returned to over and over again in all of his books and that is how he became famous to the public as the space writer…

Popular Science

1973 DET KOMMER EN DAG (It will come a day)
1974 DE OTROLIGA TEFATEN (The incredible UFO's)
1975 DEN HUNDRAÅRIGA SPÅDOMEN (The one hundred year prophecy)
1977 BORTOM TID OCH RUM (Beyond time and space)
1978 MANNEN FRÅN FRAMTIDEN (The man from the future)
1979 MELLAN DRÖM OCH VERKLIGHET (Between dream and reality)
1980 FANTASTISKA VÄRLDAR (Amazing worlds)
1982 KATASTROFERNAS PLANET (Planet of catastrophes)
1983 RYMDTECKNAREN (The space painter)
1986 DEN STORA KOMETEN OCH ANDRA FENOMEN I RYMDEN (The great comet and other phenomena in space)

Youth Books

1956 BILFIRMAN 3 1/2 (The carcompany 3 1/2)
1956 TEX PÅ FARLIGT SPÅR (Tex on dangerous tracks)
1978 UFO-FJÄLLET (The UFO mountain)
1979 DEN JAGADE BILEN (The hunted car)


1982  VIKTOR SOMOV´S DAGBOK (Viktor Somov´s diary)
1986 GARBO FILMEN VI ALDRIG FICK SE (The Garbo movie we never was able to see)

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