About Eugen Semitjov

Eugen Semitjov

The Space Illustrator

( 1923-1987 )

It is said that Eugen drew spacecraft’s long before the space age began. Eugen Semitjov is known as the “space illustrator” even though he was a prominent scientific journalist and writer in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. He started out as an illustrator in the 40’s and from the very start he specialized in space and science fiction.

Eugen illustrated amazing stories and worked on his own comic Allan Fighter for fourteen years. He also tried other styles, but the dramatic space visions became his specialty. Many of his space illustrations were predictions and many of them have later come true with amazing accuracy.

Eugen Semitjov belonged to the world elite among space journalists. He was one of the few who traveled to Russian and American research centers. He was well-known in media for his scientific visions.

Eugen Semitjov has participated in countless rocket launches and been present at scientific centers where future projects took shape. He portrayed the great space adventure with his special style and added an extra dimension with his suggestive drawings.

Eugen Semitjov has been awarded the Great Journalist Prize in Sweden and the Jules Verne Prize.

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